Colors of Christmas and Hanukkah

Typically, Christmas is represented by the colors red and green, and Hanukkah by blue and white, while silver and gold are the colors that celebrate the festive holiday season. Consider how your family’s home can incorporate all these colors – a fragrant evergreen wreath or tree, holly berries, a blue and white tablecloth, lights of all four colors, a shiny menorah – are just some of the ways that your home can showcase both Christmas and Hanukkah colors.  You may also want to purchase or make some Christmas or Hanukkah table decorations that you use each year at the holiday’s family meals and invite children to draw pictures that use all the colors of the season.

Making Photographic Memories

Choose a location in your home that creates a meaningful background for you. Decide whether your family is going to wear the same type of clothing, such as pajamas or dressy clothes, or not, and plan to take the photo in the same location with the family members standing or sitting in the same places every holiday.  You may also want to designate a particular wall in your home where you showcase each year’s framed photo. Watch how each family member grows and changes over the years. These photos are likely to become family treasures.